Home Gym Benefits vs. Gym Memberships

Having your very own home gym is a practical move for your fitness journey for many reasons, whether you are new to the game or a veteran. While paying the big bucks for a gym membership is the go-to move for most and the one that follows our pre-isolation routine, chances are gyms are going to be swarming with activity as lockdown restrictions lift, and with that, some serious frustrations and overcrowding will arise. Not a big fan of waiting in-line for the sweaty bench press?

We've got 6 reasons why the other option, building a home gym, might be the better fit for you.

Home Gym Benefits vs Gym Memberships - Southern Cross Fitness

  • No personal trainers? No worries. 

While a big part of the attraction with public gyms is the personal trainers and classes that come with it, our technological world has made access to motivation and workout routines SO easy. Whatever platform you are most drawn to; whether it's YouTube, Instagram, individual health and fitness apps or online classes, access is easy. 

If there is one thing that our journey through iso-life has taught us, it's that the fitness industry has evolved extensively, and face-to-face training can also happen face-to-face from home; it's just through a screen now. 

One range we are REALLY excited about is the NORDICTRACK T10s fully equipped with interactive video workouts from world-class renowned trainers putting you through the paces, right from your home. If you haven't tried these workouts, trust us, you’ll never look back. 

Home Gym Benefits vs Gym Memberships - Southern Cross Fitness

  • 24/7 Availability.

As life post-Coronavirus begins to resume in many ways, the busyness of life also creeps back in, and squeezing in a workout may get a little harder again. Fit in your workout whenever you can with a home gym, with options for multiple workouts a day, more extended sessions or late night sessions.

  • No commutes.

Commuting to the gym is a hassle and can easily extend from a 45-minute workout to an hour-and-a-half once you've equated for travel time. This additional time commitment can be enough to dissuade your decision to go, and your gym membership fees are wasted. 

When you can be out of bed and to the gym in two minutes, not only are there no excuses, but the potential for extra gains with your extra time is undeniable.

  • Better hygiene practices.
  • In a world where hand sanitiser is the new must-have item, it's important to be putting your health first. Poor hygienic practices in public places, such as gyms, have the highest risk of spreading Coronavirus and other diseases. Granted, public gyms usually have regular and rigid cleaning schedules, but when you are sharing with many unknown people, you can't guarantee that cleaning practices are completed with sufficient discipline by other individual gym-goers.  

    When you are in control of your own space and your hygiene practices, you can be confident in ensuring the cleanest space to your standards. Not only that, but you'll be sharing your space with only yourself, and just a handful of trusted fellow gym junkies, rather than the hundreds who come through the doors of your regular gym.   

    Home Gym Benefits vs Gym Memberships - Southern Cross Fitness

    • Never line up again. 

    How great are those workouts when it's just you in the gym, and you sail through without lining up and losing momentum due to crowds? And then again, how often does that actually happen? As gym memberships post-Coronavirus rise with people anxious to get back to the gym, with it will come the lines and general hustle for space. Peak hour sweat will be back with a vengeance!

    With your own home gym, you can be confident that your 45-minute workout, designed for 45-minutes of exercise, will get done in 45-minutes.    

    • Personalising your gym space is fun. 

    Whether large scale pin-ups of Bruce Lee, gym slogans like 'No pain, no gain' or 80's aerobic music is your vibe, having your space set up for you and your requirements is fun and empowering. Taking charge of the space, continually improving and getting creative will be a rewarding journey in itself. 

    No matter if you are setting goals for functional fitness, muscle building, cardio or general health and wellness, you have the freedom to cater to your specific needs where a public gym does not. 


    There are many benefits to creating your dream home gym. Taking control of your fitness journey in your own gym leaves little space for the excuses, limitations and frustrations of your public gym. We dare you to dream about that space, and make sure you get in contact if you are ready to start building out the perfect workout space just for you. 


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