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Sting 10inch Pro Leather Speedball Kit Elevate your boxing training with the Sting 10-inch Pro Leather Speedball Kit. Crafted with 'A Grade' leather for extended durability and elasticity, this kit offers a unique slimline design that ensures high-speed performance and straight-line consistency. The heavy-duty strop...

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Punch Trophy Getters® Speed Ball Choose the Punch Trophy Getters® Speed Ball for a commercial-grade quality speed ball that's perfect for boxing fitness and cardio workouts. Improve your boxing skills, including hand-eye coordination, timing, and hand speed, with this 10" speed ball made from durable...

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Punch Poly Speed Swivel The Poly Speed Swivel is designed for a Speed Ball Platform. Enhance your speedball training with the Poly Speed Swivel, specifically designed for Speed Ball Platforms. This swivel offers an excellent entry-level option, featuring durable plastic construction that resists rust. With easy...

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Sting 10inch Pro Leather Speedball Only Experience the ultimate in speed and precision with the Sting 10-inch Pro Leather Speedball. Crafted from top-quality 'A Grade' leather, this speedball is treated to ensure long-lasting durability and elasticity. Its slimline design guarantees high-speed performance and straight-line consistency,...

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