Battle Ropes / Climbing Ropes


The Arrow Series is a premium Commercial Fitness Equipment Range that is supplied exclusively by Southern Cross Fitness. The products within the ARROW range have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide a product of superior quality and functionally.

Heavy-Duty Design 

The ARROW Heavy Battle Rope is designed to stand the test of time and outlast the rest. The heavy rope weighs APPROX 20kg with reinforced steel handles. The rope is covered with a heavy-duty upholstery cover to increase the life of the battle rope and prevent fraying. This rope is commercially rated and has been proven to stand up to the rigorous training environment of a busy gym. The ARROW Heavy Battle Rope is 2 inches thick. 

Versatile Length 

The ARROW Heavy Battle Rope is 15m long making it suitable for most training areas. The length of a battle rope is extremely important. If the rope is two sorts you will not get the adequate weight of movement from the rope. 15m is the most common and popular rope length as it's short enough to fit most areas but also heavy enough for a challenging workout. The ARROW Heavy Battle Rope 

Extra Tough Handles 

The reinforced steel handles will last much longer than traditional plastic or rubber handles. The steel handles are less likely to come off the rope & they will not crack or spilled. 

Outdoor Training Suitable 

The ARROW Heavy Battle Rope is extremely durable and tough. This makes it perfect for outdoor training. The outer cover protects the rope from the elements and the extra heavy-duty handles are perfectly suitable for the outdoor environment.