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ARROW® Wall Mounted Rope & Band Storage is the perfect storage solution for your gym to help keep it clean, tidy, and organised. It is built to last, constructed with 5mm thick steel, so you will have peace of mind in your investment.  Consisting of...

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ARROW® Freestanding Adjustable Gym Mat Hanger The ARROW Freestanding Adjustable Mat Hanger, a versatile storage solution designed to keep your mats organised and easily accessible. This innovative hanger features an adjustable peg setting, allowing you to customise it to fit different mat sizes. With the...

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ARROW® Wall Mounted Barbell Gun Rack is a great way to store your barbells. Having barbells on the floor is a trip hazard and can also lead to damaging your barbells. The ARROW® Wall Mounted Barbell Gun Rack has space for up to 6 barbells, Olympic...

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SCF Vertical Barbell Holder (12 bars): Floor Models Introducing the SCF Vertical Barbell Holder, a robust storage solution constructed from high-quality solid steel. With a cube design that holds up to 12 Olympic barbells, this holder is ideal for commercial use, offering durability and space-saving...

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ARROW® Wall Mounted Commercial Barbell Rack Maximise your gym space with the ARROW® Wall Mounted Commercial Barbell Rack, a sleek and efficient storage solution for your barbells. Designed for space efficiency, this rack allows you to store up to six barbells vertically, keeping your workout...

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Vertical Bumper Rack with Wheels The Vertical Bumper Rack with Wheels is a simple solution for storing and transporting sets of bumper plates. This rack fits any size Olympic plate and features heavy-duty dolly wheels and a large plate at the bottom for the weights...

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ARROW® Bumper Weight Plate Toaster Rack  Introducing the Arrow® Bumper Weight Plate Toaster Rack – a sleek and efficient storage solution for your bumper weight plates. With a streamlined design and durable construction, this rack offers a convenient and organised way to keep your workout...

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ARROW® X1 Vertical 6 Pair Dumbbell Rack The ARROW® X1 Vertical 6 Pair Dumbbell Rack is the ideal storage solution for your dumbbells, saving space and keeping them neatly displayed. With the capacity to hold 1-12 dumbbells (6 pairs), this vertical rack is a practical...

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ARROW Olympic Vertical Bar Holder (9 Bars) The Vertical Bar Holder, the ultimate space-saving solution for gyms and home gyms alike. This versatile and compact holder can accommodate 9 Olympic-style barbells, including EZ curl bars, 15kg, and 20kg Olympic barbells. Its easy mobility and smaller...

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Arrow x9 Vertical Olympic Barbell 9 Holder  The Arrow X9 Vertical Olympic Barbell 9 Holder, the ultimate storage solution for your prized barbells. With a sleek and space-saving design, this holder keeps your barbells organized and within easy reach, adding a touch of sophistication to...

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2 Tier Kettlebell Rack This 2 Tier Kettlebell Rack will keep your equipment secure. With edges on the back and shelves lined with rubber, your kettlebells will be fully protected.  Organisation and Space Saving: A kettlebell rack keeps your kettlebells organised and easily accessible, saving space and...

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