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20kg ARROW Pump Barbell Set The 20kg ARROW Pump Barbell Set offers a high-quality, one-piece barbell with colour-coded round rubber weight plates, making it ideal for resistance training at home. With its commercial-grade construction and included accessories, such as spring collars, this set is perfect...

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ARROW® Lock Jaw Collars for Olympic Barbell Introducing the ARROW Lock Jaws, the perfect alternative to traditional barbell spring collars. These lock jaws are designed to make your workout experience seamless, allowing for easy and quick application and removal. Built with durability in mind, they...

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ARROW® Lock Jaw Collars (for 25mm Barbell) ARROW® Lock Jaw Collars for Standard Barbell are the ideal choice for keeping your collars securely in place during your weightlifting sessions. With their single snap latch design, these collars offer easy one-hand execution and quick release when...

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ARROW® Olympic EZY Curl Bar  Enhance your bicep and forearm workouts with the ARROW® Olympic EZY Curl Bar. This ergonomically designed barbell promotes proper form and wrist positioning during curl movements, reducing the risk of strain or injury. Whether you're using it at home or in...

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Standard EZY Curl Bar Introducing the Standard EZY Curl Bar, a versatile addition to your weightlifting routine. With a 25mm sleeve diameter and ergonomic design, this bar maximizes comfort during exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, and upright rows. Its one-piece solid construction ensures durability,...

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ARROW® Standard Barbell Assorted Sizes 25mm  ARROW® Standard Barbell is the ideal choice for beginners or anyone looking to add some variety to their strength training routine. With its 25mm size, it perfectly pairs with standard weight plates, making it a practical addition to your home...

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ARROW® Elite 20kg Olympic Black Chrome Barbell 7FT 1800lb (816kgs) Rated Introducing the ARROW® Elite 20kg Olympic Hard Chrome Barbell, the perfect choice for Crossfit and Powerlifting enthusiasts. Designed with the customer in mind, this barbell combines stunning aesthetics with exceptional performance. Made from high...

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ARROW® 700lb Black Zinc Crossfit Olympic Bar 20kgs The ARROW® 700 Black Zinc offers the best bang for your buck on Men's 20KG Olympic Barbell! These olympic barbells feature a black oxide shaft with a hard chrome ribbed sleeve. Product Specifications: Superior Spin: Banded collar...

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ARROW® 20kg Olympic Bar High Tensile - 240PSI The ARROW® Olympic Bar High Tensile - 240PSI, a pinnacle of strength and precision in the world of fitness equipment. Crafted from top-grade high-tensile steel, this barbell is your unwavering companion on your fitness journey, offering exceptional...

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ARROW® Pink 8kg Training Bar The ARROW® Pink 8kg Training Bar is the perfect choice for athletes looking to improve their technique and form without the added strain of heavier weights. With its 8kg weight and pink chrome finish, this training bar is not only...

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ARROW® Curved Olympic Swiss Barbell  Introducing the Arrow® Curved Olympic Swiss Barbell, a cutting-edge addition to your strength training arsenal. Crafted with precision and innovation, this barbell is designed to provide a dynamic and ergonomic grip for a variety of exercises. The unique curved design...

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ARROW® Olympic Barbell Rainbow  The ARROW® Olympic Barbell Rainbow PRIDE Edition features a colourful rainbow design on the shaft of the barbell, to celebrate World PRIDE 2023 & the LGBTQ+ community's diversity and inclusivity.  In addition to the rainbow design, this barbell also features 25mm grip...

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25mm Barbell Spring Collars Pair Enhance the safety of your weight lifting workouts with the 25mm Spring Collars Pair. Designed with a chrome finish and made from durable steel, these collars are compatible with standard bars and provide a secure grip. Sold as a pair,...

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Olympic Spring Collars Secure your weights with ease using the Olympic Spring Collars. These high-quality and durable collars feature an innovative spring mechanism for quick and hassle-free attachment and removal on standard Olympic barbells. Designed for stability and security, these collars are perfect for various...

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ARROW Barbell Squat Pad With Straps The ARROW Barbell Squat Pad fits on any Olympic bar or standard barbell and is designed to cushion your neck to prevent the bar from digging into your neck/back during squats. This pad is also commonly used as a...

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ARROW® Commercial Fixed Round Rubber Barbell Introducing the ARROW® Commercial Fixed Round Rubber Barbell, a pinnacle of durability and longevity in the world of fitness equipment. Engineered with a resilient PU coating, these barbells not only withstand the toughest workouts but also uphold the highest...

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ARROW® 2.5kg Training Bar This is for a Pre-Order ETA August Introducing the ARROW 2.5kg Training bar, used for beginners in training, or rehab clients, perfect to allow for technique training.  2.5kg Technique Bar Weight Capacity 200lbs Fits Olympic Weights 4 month warranty

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ARROW® Premium Open Olympic Trap Bar The ARROW® Premium Open Olympic Trap Bar is a versatile and effective tool for strength training, specifically targeting leg, hip, and back power. Whether you're performing shrugs, squats, or deadlifts, this trap bar is designed to optimise your workout...

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ARROW® 6FT Olympic Hex Trap Bar The ARROW® 6FT Olympic Hex Trap Bar is a bar that is designed to surround the lifter within a HEX frame to allow for the handles of the bar to be placed at the sides of the lifter. This...

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HCE OLYMPIC STAR BAR 15kg Experience the ultimate in Olympic lifting precision with the HCE Olympic Star Bar, a 25mm, 15kg barbell that's designed to elevate your performance. With a remarkable 1000lb weight rating and a PSI of 180, this bar delivers the perfect balance...

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