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Bodycraft Ankle CuffEnhance your workout experience by adding an extra or replacing your worn-out Ankle Strap.- Velcro Adjustable: Easily customise the fit to your preference.- Metal D Ring: Facilitates quick and easy hookup for seamless transitions.- Neoprene Lined: Ensures comfort during use, providing a soft...

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ARROW® Ankle Strap Wool The ARROW® Ankle Strap Wool provides extra resistance and support for lower body workouts, making it an essential tool for fitness enthusiasts. Featuring high-quality materials and a fully adjustable design, this ankle strap ensures a comfortable fit around your ankle. It...

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ARROW® Tricep Rope Take your strength training to the next level with the ARROW® Tricep Rope, featuring a solid construction and practical design. This versatile rope is suitable for both commercial and home gyms, offering durability and strength to withstand rigorous workouts. With its heavy-duty...

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ARROW® Single D Grip Handle Black Chrome Attachment The Single D Chrome Handle is a fantastic addition to your gym, used for muscle isolation when weight training with a functional trainer.  With the single stirrup handle, you will have intense isolated workouts for a variety...

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ARROW® Dog Bone Cable Attachment The ARROW Dog Bone Cable Attachment is a versatile grip training tool designed to challenge and improve grip strength. With two 2.5" spheres on each side, it can be attached to Cable machines free weights or pull-up bars, providing multiple grip options...

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Black Chrome Chin Triangle V Bar Enhance your cable-based fitness routines with the Black Chrome Chin Triangle V Bar. This specialty attachment, constructed from solid steel and chrome-plated, is designed to provide durability and a comfortable grip during various exercises. Its versatility allows for a...

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Black Chrome Tricep Press Down V Bar Upgrade your cable-based workouts with the Black Chrome Tricep Press Down V Bar, a reliable and durable attachment designed for tricep press downs and various cable exercises. The knurling on both sides ensures a secure grip during intense...

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Black Chrome Revolving Curl Bar The Black Chrome Revolving Curl Bar attachment is a fantastic attachment commonly seen in all gyms. With the addition of a black oxide coating to protect the chrome attachment from rust, with this highly durable piece you will be able...

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ARROW® Black Chrome Revolving Straight Bar Attachment Why Black Chrome? The chrome is coated in a black zinc coating that is rust resistant meaning overtime there is less rust damage due to sweat or natural weathering that occurs when chrome and sweat react. Longevity wise...

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Arrow Revolving Multi Grip Cable Attachment Black Elevate your cable machine workouts with the Arrow Revolving Multi Grip Cable Attachment Black, meticulously crafted to the highest quality standards. Compatible with any cable machine, this versatile attachment is engineered from solid steel to endure rigorous training...

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D Handle Lat Pulldown Wide 36" The Wide D-Handle Revolving Row Bar is a commercial-grade, high-quality steel bar designed for use with cable machines with high or low pulley attachments. Its polished chrome exterior and ergonomic rubber grips offer durability, style, and comfort during intense...

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ARROW® Multi Grip Wide Lat Pulldown Bar The ARROW® Multi-Grip Lat Pulldown Bar, the ultimate training accessory made with high-grade steel and polyurethane handles. This versatile bar offers multiple grip positions, allowing you to target specific muscle groups with ease. Whether you're performing lat pulldowns...

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ARROW® Cable Attachment Basic Pack (Black Chrome) The ARROW® Cable Attachment Basics Pack, the essential collection of cable attachments for your cable machine or functional trainer. This pack includes our most popular attachments that enable you to perform a wide range of basic exercises, targeting...

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ARROW® Aluminium Lat Bar Double End The ARROW® Aluminium Lat Bar Double End is a versatile attachment designed to enhance the functionality of your functional trainer. By allowing you to use both weight stacks simultaneously, this lat bar enables smooth, unilateral movements for a wide...

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ARROW® Rope Trainer The ARROW® Rope Trainer, the ultimate tool for resistance weight training, intense cardio workouts, and core strength and fitness exercises. With 6 levels of resistance, this versatile trainer is popular among personal trainers and gym owners for its ability to add a...

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