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ARROW® 700lb Black Zinc Crossfit Olympic Bar 20kgs The ARROW® 700 Black Zinc offers the best bang for your buck on Men's 20KG Olympic Barbell! These olympic barbells feature a black oxide shaft with a hard chrome ribbed sleeve. Product Specifications: Superior Spin: Banded collar...

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ARROW® 2.5kg Training Bar This is for a Pre-Order ETA August Introducing the ARROW 2.5kg Training bar, used for beginners in training, or rehab clients, perfect to allow for technique training.  2.5kg Technique Bar Weight Capacity 200lbs Fits Olympic Weights 4 month warranty

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ARROW® Elite 20kg Olympic Black Chrome Barbell 7FT 1800lb (816kgs) Rated Introducing the ARROW® Elite 20kg Olympic Hard Chrome Barbell, the perfect choice for Crossfit and Powerlifting enthusiasts. Designed with the customer in mind, this barbell combines stunning aesthetics with exceptional performance. Made from high...

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ARROW® Black Zinc Olympic Safety Squat Barbell The cambered design of this barbell is uniquely suited for those seeking a comfortable and safe lifting experience. With a padded section that hugs the neck and two handles that extend over the shoulders, the user can support...

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ARROW® Olympic Swiss Barbell The ARROW® Olympic Swiss Barbell is ideal for helping you to train with precision as well as quickly switching up grip positions. The ARROW® Olympic Swiss Barbell is the perfect addition for targeting specific muscles while also adding variety into your workout. ...

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ARROW® Commercial Fixed Round Rubber Barbell Introducing the ARROW® Commercial Fixed Round Rubber Barbell, a pinnacle of durability and longevity in the world of fitness equipment. Engineered with a resilient PU coating, these barbells not only withstand the toughest workouts but also uphold the highest...

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ARROW® 20kg Olympic Bar High Tensile - 240PSI The ARROW® Olympic Bar High Tensile - 240PSI, a pinnacle of strength and precision in the world of fitness equipment. Crafted from top-grade high-tensile steel, this barbell is your unwavering companion on your fitness journey, offering exceptional...

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ARROW® Olympic Barbell Rainbow  The ARROW® Olympic Barbell Rainbow PRIDE Edition features a colourful rainbow design on the shaft of the barbell, to celebrate World PRIDE 2023 & the LGBTQ+ community's diversity and inclusivity.  In addition to the rainbow design, this barbell also features 25mm grip...

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HCE OLYMPIC STAR BAR 15kg Experience the ultimate in Olympic lifting precision with the HCE Olympic Star Bar, a 25mm, 15kg barbell that's designed to elevate your performance. With a remarkable 1000lb weight rating and a PSI of 180, this bar delivers the perfect balance...

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