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ARROW® X9 Commercial Flat Weight Bench The ARROW® X9 Commercial Flat Bench incorporates style and class with quality and durability. Featuring commercial grade 4mm thick steel, the ARROW® X9 Flat bench is designed to combat even the toughest workouts. Product Features High-Density Foam Padding Stainless steel...

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ARROW® X8 Flat Bench The ARROW® X8 Flat Bench incorporates style and class with quality and durability. Featuring commercial grade 3mm thick steel, the ARROW® X8 Flat bench is designed to combat even the toughest workouts.  Product Features Non-Slip Fabric 75 mm x 75 mm x...

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ARROW Commercial Monster FID Weight Bench Product Features: Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and stability during workouts Adjustable backrest with five height settings, allowing for various angles from decline to incline Superior High density foam and upholstery Three seat angle options provide versatility for different exercises...

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ARROW® X8 FIB Commercial Weight Bench  The ARROW® X8 FIB Weight Bench is one of the only benches that can be stored vertically. The base is made with commercial 3mm 75mm x 75mm framing, welded frame, ready for any serious lifter. This adjustable weight bench...

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 Introducing a versatile bench with a range of positions, the bench offers stability and support for various exercises. It also comes with Preacher Curl and Leg Extension attachments, making it a standout performer. Product Features: Frame: Constructed with heavy-duty 2"x 4" oval and 3" round...

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ARROW® X9 Commercial Adjustable Bench The ARROW® X9 Adjustable Bench is a premium addition to the ARROW® X9 Series Commercial Fitness Range, built with heavy-duty materials for superior durability and performance. Its high-density foam cushion padding and ergonomic design provide maximum comfort during workouts, making...

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ARROW® X9 Commercial Olympic Flat Bench  The ARROW® X9 Free Weight Series, the perfect solution for any commercial facility. With its heavy-duty commercial-grade steel tubing, high-density foam padding, and ergonomic adjustable hand grips, this series offers exceptional comfort, stability, and versatility for every exercise movement....

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