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ARROW® X9 Adjustable Roman Chair/45 Degree Hyper Extension The ARROW® X9 Adjustable Roman Chair/45 Degree Hyper Extension offers a versatile and heavy-duty solution for your core and back training needs. With the ability to switch between a 90-degree roman chair and a 45-degree hyper extension,...

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ARROW® Tibia Dorsi Machine Introducing the ARROW® Tibia Dorsi Machine, the ultimate solution for targeting and strengthening the Tibialis Anterior muscle with precision and safety. Engineered with innovation and performance in mind, this Plate-Loaded Tibia Dorsi Flexion machine revolutionises lower leg training by shifting resistance...

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The ARROW Monster Commercial Preacher Curl Bench  is a compact and sturdy bench designed to target and isolate the biceps effectively. It provides a comfortable and secure platform for performing preacher curls using dumbbells or barbells. With its durable construction and a maximum user weight...

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ARROW® Floor GHD Nordic Curl Bench Introducing the ARROW® Floor GHD Nordic Curl Bench – a space-saving and versatile alternative to traditional gym machines, designed to provide users with a convenient way to perform Nordic curls and glute ham raises. This innovative bench features adjustable...

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ARROW® X9 VKR Chin/Dip Station The ARROW® X9 VKR Chin/Dip Station is a top choice for commercial users, known for its exceptional comfort and support. Its unique angling and multi-grip pull-up bars ensure users can perform pull-ups and dips with ease and proper positioning. With...

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ARROW® X9 Commercial Olympic Flat Bench  The ARROW® X9 Free Weight Series, the perfect solution for any commercial facility. With its heavy-duty commercial-grade steel tubing, high-density foam padding, and ergonomic adjustable hand grips, this series offers exceptional comfort, stability, and versatility for every exercise movement....

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Introducing the Arrow X9 Ab Crunch Bench: Sculpt Your Core with Precision Are you ready to redefine your abdominal workout routine? Look no further than the Arrow X9 Ab Crunch Bench, a cutting-edge fitness companion designed to elevate your core training experience. With a sleek...

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