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Schwinn IC8 Spin Bike The Schwinn IC8 Spin Bike offers the home user a serious indoor exercise spin bike from a brand with a proven track record. The surge in...

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cardio, commercial gym equipment, cross trainer, elliptical trainer, fitness equipments, home gym, Home workout, home workouts -

The elliptical trainer goes by many names—the elliptical trainer, elliptical cross trainer, cross trainer, cross trainer machine, elliptical machine, even elliptical bike—the list goes on! But if you were to...

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cardio, fitness, fitness equipments, fitness goals, functional training, gym equipments, home gym, Home workout, home workouts, strength -

Being in the fitness equipment industry, we often get people asking us in-store and online about what ‘must have’ fitness equipment items they should have in their home gym.  Now,...

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In the weight lifting world, the bench press exercise is primarily considered a staple for building chest muscle mass; to the point that Mondays are known as “Bench Day”. For...

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fitness equipments, fitness goals, functional training, home gym, workout program -

There’s so much fitness advice you can learn from people and on the internet. So we want to strip it all down, get to the heart of your goals and help you refocus yourself to achieve success in your home gym and lifestyle. These goals will help keep you grounded while also keeping the big picture in mind. These goals will help keep you grounded while also keeping the big picture in mind.

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air bike, cardio, commercial gym equipment, exercise bike, fitness, fitness equipments, home gym -

Southern Cross Fitness knows that when it comes to Christmas present buying, quick and assertive decisions are a MUST to stay on track. Here are the best home gym Christmas buys.
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commercial gym equipment, fitness equipments, gym equipments, home gym, home workouts -

ARROW - Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment Have you heard of our brand ARROW? Well, don’t fret, if you’ve not yet been acquainted, we’ll give you a  rundown! ARROW Fitness...

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air bike, cardio, exercise bike, Home workout, indoor bike, leg workout, recumbent bike, spin bike, stationary bike, strength, upright bike -

There are four significant indoor bikes that you should know about: air bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, upright exercise bikes, and spin bikes. Each bike’s focus and objective are different, so we’ll go through these various types to better inform you. These are the best Indoor Exercise Bikes for Home Workouts.
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cardio, fitness, fitness apps, functional training, strength -

If you are looking for 2020's best fitness apps featuring world-class experiences and personal trainers, these apps are a great way to step up your home workouts to get the best out of yourself. If you want some advice on the most compatible app for your equipment, hit us up in-store, on our online chat service or send us an email.
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fitness, gym memberships, home gym, Home workout, strength -

There are many benefits to creating your dream home gym. Taking control of your fitness journey in your own gym leaves little space for the excuses, limitations and frustrations of your public gym. We dare you to dream about that space, and make sure you get in contact if you are ready to start building out the perfect workout space just for you. We've got 6 reasons why the other option, building a home gym, might be the better fit for you than a gym membership. 

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home workouts, leg workout, short home workouts, workout program, workout routines for beginners -

We've got a few tips and exercises that will help you start building the perfect boot camp. You know the one, where your clients groan and moan throughout, chuck you a high-five at the end, and always return for more pain at the next session. Yep, that one. 
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home workouts -

So far, 2020 has brought with it some challenges that absolutely no one saw coming, and for all of us, our lives have changed in some way for the foreseeable...

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dumbbell workouts, home workouts, leg workout, short home workouts -

Let's face it, sometimes committing to an hour-long workout is not always possible in the lives of us busy-bees. Lucky for us, when we have to battle those time restraints,...

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gym workout plan for beginners, workout program, workout routines for beginners -

So you've decided to pull up your socks and pick up the weights and embark on your fitness journey? Trust us, there are only good things to come! Engaging in...

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Have you been on that same bodyweight-only regime for a few months and it’s starting to lose impact? It sounds like it’s time to mix it up and add some...

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 A home exercise room can be a sanctuary space, and Jana Soeldner Danger with the Miami Herald contacted our Gym Source equipment experts for the top tips to make your home fitness space…

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