Essential Fitness Equipment Items: What Every Home Gym Owner Should Have

Being in the fitness equipment industry, we often get people asking us in-store and online about what ‘must have’ fitness equipment items they should have in their home gym.  Now, if you’re working towards a specific fitness goal, you’ll be interested in particular fitness equipment. For instance, let’s say your goal is to improve your strength and mobility. One way is through yoga and/or pilates; with daily, practise you will improve your strength and mobility, and it can be performed in a relatively small space. Another is weight training—this will also improve your strength and mobility; however, a bigger space is required to store your equipment and perform your lifts. For a targeted approach with your training, your purpose and...

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Incline Bench vs. Flat Bench: What’s the Superior Bench Press?

In the weight lifting world, the bench press exercise is primarily considered a staple for building chest muscle mass; to the point that Mondays are known as “Bench Day”. For the rest of the world, bench pressing—alongside squats and deadlifts—are in the top three most well-known weight lifting exercises. We feel so convinced of the exercise’s popularity that we’re certain people who’ve never exercised or stepped a foot inside of a gym could identify someone bench pressing. Thanks, Sylvester Stallone, couldn’t’ve happened without ya. But it’s long-standing hype is not without good reason. The benefits to your chest and shoulder development are undeniable. And, you can move some serious weight with the support of the bench. The heaviest bench press...

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Home Gym Owners’ 10 Most Important Fitness Goals

There’s so much fitness advice you can learn from people and on the internet. So we want to strip it all down, get to the heart of your goals and help you refocus yourself to achieve success in your home gym and lifestyle. These goals will help keep you grounded while also keeping the big picture in mind. These goals will help keep you grounded while also keeping the big picture in mind.

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Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment

ARROW - Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment Have you heard of our brand ARROW? Well, don’t fret, if you’ve not yet been acquainted, we’ll give you a  rundown! ARROW Fitness equipment is Southern Cross Fitness’ answer to making quality fitness equipment more accessible.   History ARROW is a premium fitness equipment range that was developed by Southern Cross Fitness owners, Dan and Steph. Having over 15 years in the fitness industry, the owners discovered over the years of selling many different brands, that when price and quality were considered, one aspect was always sacrificed. The ARROW range was designed to fill this gap in the market, to provide high-quality home gym fitness equipment that was also reasonably priced.   Southern...

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