The Best Fitness Apps For 2020

Best Fitness Apps 2020 - Southern Cross Fitness

The Best Fitness Apps For 2020

Whether you are looking to improve your strength, fitness or lose weight, it is easy to lose your motivation without the help of some of the best fitness apps on the market. Fitness gadgets and apps enable precise fitness tracking including heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, body fat measuring, daily activity mapping and more. But how about those that motivate you to push further and further?

This year has made it even harder to interact with others and keep accountable to your fitness goals. With these workout apps, you’ll be revolutionising your workout plans and experiencing the best of the world, right from the comforts of your own home. We’ve narrowed down the search to the most exciting options in 2020 to keep you experiencing your health and fitness in interactive and motivating ways.

RunSocial App

Run Social opens up a world of possibility through the range of world-renowned routes. Users can run independently, in a group, or compete in races using the app. In a world where lockdown is the new norm, Run Social allows users to see the world in ways you never thought possible. From The London Marathon to a Balinese village trail, and from Joshua Tree National Park to Australia’s Noosa Beach, you’ll experience it all. Run Social allows you to track and share your results with friends and competitors. You can download the app through the app store or Google Play. Connect RunSocial through a range of treadmills including our hot fave right now, the Nautilus T626.

See what it’s all about with Run Social, here.


iFit will push you every step of the way to reach your fitness goals. Equipped with some of the best personal trainers in the world, including John Peel, Hannah Eden and Gideon Akanda, you will evolve step by step, to be the best you can be. The trainers motivate your mind and body, and take you on adventures all over the world to keep you fresh and experiencing the best in life. From running through the hills of Ireland, the city of Paris, to historical sites in Greece. Give control over to your personal trainers, and let them automatically adjust your equipment’s speed, incline and resistance to push you to reach your goals. iFit comes with new workouts daily to keep your muscles fresh, no matter what muscle group you want to focus on. Whatever fitness class gets you working hard, whether it’s strength training, HIIT workouts or yoga classes, iFit has it sorted. iFit is available on Nordictrack and Proform treadmills, rowers, bikes, ellipticals and a variety of strength machines.  

Hear more about iFit, from the ones who will motivate you every step of the way. 


Zwift is an amazing app that fosters an incredibly strong community of fitness lovers. It is a fitness app for cyclists, runners and triathletes to deliver amazing results while offering a virtual experience. Zwift merges the fun of video games with real-life exercise, allowing you to level up and compete in a way that is out of this world. Tracks take you across the globe and range from 30-minute workouts to a full morning of leisure riding. Zwift also encourages you to participate in its many many events, to really challenge you and bring you into the community.  Zwift is compatible with iPhones, Androids, iPads, tablets and Apple TV. The community of Zwifters are with you every step of the way, with plenty of messaging options there during your races and rides, including voice-to-text options.  Zwift is compatible with the Schwinn highlight Ic8 bike.

Hear more about Zwift from Zwift themselves, here

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If you are looking for apps featuring world-class experiences and personal trainers, these apps are a great way to step up your home workouts to get the best out of yourself. If you want some advice on the most compatible app for your equipment, hit us up in-store, on our online chat service or send us an email.