Essential Fitness Equipment Items: What Every Home Gym Owner Should Have

Being in the fitness equipment industry, we often get people asking us in-store and online about what ‘must have’ fitness equipment items they should have in their home gym. 

Now, if you’re working towards a specific fitness goal, you’ll be interested in particular fitness equipment. For instance, let’s say your goal is to improve your strength and mobility. One way is through yoga and/or pilates; with daily, practise you will improve your strength and mobility, and it can be performed in a relatively small space. Another is weight training—this will also improve your strength and mobility; however, a bigger space is required to store your equipment and perform your lifts. For a targeted approach with your training, your purpose and space determine your equipment.

For the most part, when people are looking at buying a home gym, their focus is equipment that will enable them to stay fit and healthy—this means they’ll be after gym equipment that allows them to do cardio, strength and functional fitness training options. You might be thinking, four different types of training equals four different types of fitness equipment. However, that’s not always the case. You can purchase minimal equipment that offers varied workouts, much like a multi gym, a functional trainer, or a smith machine — sometimes known as ‘all-in-ones’. Users can use just this unit and still engage in many forms of exercises. So for many people, they’re a home gym must-have. 

There are many choices, however, and they can vary depending on the space. Let’s look at what our customers typically buy for those who need a visual to help with their decision. Many of our customers will send us their home gyms once they are fully installed. 



You can see in this image that the home gym owner has installed an ARROW multi gym with weight plates, a bench for pressing (for strength and functional fitness) and a rowing machine (for cardio). This is a well-rounded home gym and will allow for many varied and versatile workouts.



This picture shows a similar set up to the above image; however, the cardio elements include a  spin bike and a freestanding punchball. It’s a highly versatile home gym as there are various options for the user to engage in strength, cardio and functional training. Again, this customer has included a multi gym but, they’ve added value and diversity to their workout with the cardio elements.



This home gym set up focuses on strength and functional training. Featured in the picture is an ARROW rack from our Strength Series and a bench for pressing. This customer has a versatile set up for strength training as it allows for a varied strength workout.




This picture shows another multi gym for strength and functional training and various strength training equipment like gym rings and kettlebells. For this customer, their fitness focus was based around boxing; therefore, the training and equipment around it supports that goal.




Finally, the home gym for small spaces! While the other home gyms look great, not all of us have room for equipment that size. This home gym is an excellent example of what items can be incorporated in a limited space. Our customer’s fitness focus was strength and cardio and included a cable cross-over trainer and various sized dumbbells in catering to that. We’ve got to say, it looks great!


We hope this has given you a little more insight into what items you could buy or include in your home gym. If you’re starting out, a multi gym is always a crowd pleaser! 

Thank you to all of our fabulous customers who have sent us their home gym pictures over the years. We love seeing our products in their forever homes! If you have a home gym set up by yours truly, tag us!

Happy Shopping, Team!