What is Australia’s Best Elliptical Cross Trainer & Why You Should Buy One

The elliptical trainer goes by many names—the elliptical trainer, elliptical cross trainer, cross trainer, cross trainer machine, elliptical machine, even elliptical bike—the list goes on! But if you were to type this in Google or mention it in-store, you’d be shown the same thing; elliptical trainers.
Now, because this machine isn’t as well known as its other cardio counterparts, the treadmill and spin bike—some of you might think: “why would I choose this?”. Honestly, that’s a fair question, so let’s take you through some reasons why one might purchase an elliptical machine.
Why an Elliptical What Makes it so Good
Cross trainers exercise the lower and upper body. They offer a full-body workout—hello home workout with a high heart rate!
Elliptical trainers offer a low-impact fitness solution. In comparison to running, an elliptical trainer cardio workout will provide the same level of intensity (if you choose) with much less strain on your joints. 
Elliptical machines help to reduce weight loss and improve your fitness. Most trainers offer resistance levels (some offer resistance plus incline) which allows you to increase the level of difficulty as you build stamina.
Cross trainers are fun to use for people of all ages! If you haven’t used a cross-trainer before, they’re entertaining—it’s in between a bike and a treadmill. But the idea of the machine is to mimic the motion of walking, only it feels like floating.
Everyone in the family can use elliptical machines to exercise. The machine has a low barrier to entry, so that most people can use this machine with ease. 
Cross trainers provide a weight-bearing exercise. Compared to a spin bike, an elliptical trainer provides a weight-bearing exercise that helps to inhibit the onset of osteoporosis.
Elliptical trainers are a low maintenance machine. Due to the fewer moving parts and low-impact elliptical motion, cross trainers are less likely to require service. 
Elliptical machines are versatile!

Much like treadmills and spin bikes, elliptical trainers also offer versatile training options. To increase the intensity of the workout, users can set the resistance or the incline.

So now you’re loaded with why to buy reasons, let’s take you through the purchase options! 
Typically, we have 6-10 different elliptical trainers; however, we’re covering our top 3 in order of ascending price.

3. Your Budget Buddy — Schwinn 510E

We have long been fans of the Schwinn brand, and the 510E elliptical trainer is no exception.
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This is an SXF favourite because Schwinn has developed a compact fitness solution that still delivers the same quality. A product like that, in this day and age, is exactly what people are looking for, and it’s your best bud if you’re tight on cash or space or both!

2. The Naughty Nautilus — Nautilus E626

Now, we’ve dubbed this cross trainer machine as ‘naughty’ because it’s a seriously smooth criminal. And it’s for this reason, we chose the Nautilus E626 as the best elliptical cross trainer in Australia. 
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Although they are a bigger unit, they wholly encapsulate the “bigger is better” mentality. With this elliptical machine, you get an extremely smooth ride, bigger stride length, more programs, resistance, and various incline options—making this elliptical exercise machine a versatile one! And, more importantly, the perfect addition to any home gym!

1. It’s not Nautilus; it’s Nauti-LUST — Nautilus E628.

Now, we love all the cross trainers equally, but, like with any honest mother, there is always a favourite. Elliptical trainers for us, it’s the E628.
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This saucy spinner is a top of the line and super high quality (and Light Commercial for those interested) elliptical cross trainer. In essence, the E626 and E628 share many of the same features; however, the main feature that separates them is the E628’s induction braking system—it’s a resistance-based system (instead of magnetic like the E626). Both are great systems, BUT resistance systems are superior for two reasons. One—they’re more durable as they have no moving parts, which means they will last longer. Two—resistance changes are instant, which is better for interval training.

When it comes to a cardio unit, you can choose between a treadmill, a spin bike or an elliptical trainer—if you’re asking us, choose a cross-trainer!