Best Home Gym Christmas Buys

The lead up to Christmas is a stressful time; there’s food to cook, logistics and bedding to organise, a house to clean, presents to buyand there’s a whole other layer of stress when you’re dealing with a large family. 

With this in mind, the team at SCF knows that when it comes to Christmas present buying, quick and assertive decisions are a MUST to stay on track. If you’re looking to buy a gift for your fit-fanatic-friend, family member or significant other, there is an overwhelming amount of fantastic items on the market. 

So, to make sure you’re the best version of you come Christmas day, the little helpers at SCF have compiled a list of all of our most popular Chrissy items and organised them based on price! However, if there’s nothing that quite fits, we’ve got an entire website with goodies, and there’s always the trusty gift voucher.
So let’s kick this off with the Chrissy items that are less than $100.

UNDER $100

Resistance Bands Set - Southern cross fitness Australia

This resistance band set is the ultimate unassuming burn! It’s an excellent tool for building strength or warming the body up or down.


Ab Mat - Southern Cross Fitness Australia

Ab mats are a must-have for any home gym; easy to store and transport, advanced in its abundance of uses


Foam Roller - Southern Cross Fitness Australia

The gift of mobility, flexibility and rehabilitation is perfect for Christmas and necessary for pre and post workouts. The bonus is that you look pretty good for gifting someone five presents without breaking the bank!


UNDER $250

Stepper - Southern Cross Fitness

The ARROW Monster Step is a great low-impact home gym equipment. It also doubles as a general step to reach things around the house or in the garage. Who doesn’t love a two for one?

Balance Trainer - Southern Cross Fitness

Have a PT, physical therapist or fitness instructor in the family? This balance trainer is your loved one’s go-to 2020 Christmas gift.

Gym Timer - Southern Cross Fitness

If your 2020 Christmas includes someone who owns a commercial or home gym - it is not complete without a visual timer. And our ARROW timer is now on sale for $249!


UNDER $500

Bench Press - Southern Cross Fitness

The ARROW X6 FID AKA Flat, Incline Decline Bench is a steel bench to steal your loved one’s heart at Christmas.

Multi Adjustable Bench - Southern Cross Fitness

The CROSS X Multi Adjustable Bench allows home gym owners to create variety in their home gym and gives more use to existing equipment. And, we received all our CROSS X stock stock on December 3rd - so they're all brand-spanking-new!

Vertical Knee Raise - Southern Cross Fitness

The Vertical Knee Raise (VKR for short) is a product that your loved one won’t realise just how much they love it until it’s in their home gym. The machine offers unmatched diversity in workoutsespecially for your abs!


UNDER $1000

Half Rack - Southern Cross Fitness

If you want to spend less than $1000, then this is the only rack you need to consider come Christmas time! Who doesn’t love the gift of strength?!

Spin Bike - Southern Cross Fitness

When it comes to fitness equipment, Schwinn indoor bikes are one of the best tools known for the job. Also, given that the Schwinn logo is red, it’s right on theme for Christmas, so it’s a perfect gift.

P.S. If you feel inspired to purchase an indoor bike, but you’d like more options, we wrote a blog all about it.

Magnetic Rower - Southern cross fitness

Arguably the best gift for Christmas and 2021? The ’20s started roaring, so your loved one can start 2021 rowing! And, who better than Schwinn to glide you into that journey!

OVER $1000

All In One trainer - southern cross fitness

If you’ve decided to create a home gym for your special someone, our ARROW all-in-one-trainer gets you set up for cross-functional fitness in one go. AND it sets you up for future birthday and Christmas gifts as well. The all-in-one’s add-ons will have you sorted for years to come!

Upright Bike - southern cross fitness

Purchasing a present like the Schwinn AD2i Airdyne shows a real love for your loved one. You love them so much you’ve made the difficult decision of gifting them with one of the deadliest fitness equipment on offer. What a sacrifice!


Treadmill - Southern cross fitness

Purchasing a present like the Schwinn AD2i Airdyne shows a real love for your loved one. You love them so much you’ve made the difficult decision of gifting them with one of the deadliest fitness equipment on offer. What a sacrifice!


Part of what makes fitness equipment such a great gift is that ‘Dad’s’ Christmas present is really for you and the family. Take this scenario - you’re thinking of purchasing your partner or child with a watch, that’s fine, but it’s not a gift (typically) you can share, and everyone in the home can use.

Whereas with a treadmill, all-in-one-trainer or booty bandseven though you’ve gifted it to ‘Jimmy’, in reality, it’s the family’s gift. And it adds value and fitness diversification to your home gym! So fitness equipment as a present is an all-round winner!

If you’re unsure what to buy from SCF for Christmas, you can’t go wrong if you choose from our best buys list. But, if you’re a seasoned fitness professional or you have a bit more time because you’re not hosting Christmas this yearbrowse our whole site! Our store is full of goodies!

Please know, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to call, pop in-store or send us a DM if you have any questions! Otherwise, we wish you a happy shopping time and a very Merry Christmas!