Home Gym Owners’ 10 Most Important Fitness Goals

There’s so much fitness advice you can learn from people and on the internet. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming as there’s too much information. This can be even more overwhelming when you own a home gym. If you’re unsure and there’s no one to ask,  you can only turn to the internet. So we want to strip it all down, get to the heart of your goals and help you refocus yourself to achieve success in your home gym and lifestyle. These goals will help keep you grounded while also keeping the big picture in mind.


1. Get fit for future you.

As they say, “everything in moderation”. There’s nothing positive about going too hard for too long in the gym. Just as much as going on a fad diet for a hot minute. We know it’s not healthy to go all out in one great hit (be it gyming or dieting) to only quit cold turkey the next day. 

Create healthy habits, CONSISTENCY and work at a sustainable pace. You need to exercise all your life not just in your 20s or 30s, so learn how to grow with it. And, as you grow, remember that your fitness goals and expectations should too. In turn, it will help you live a longer and healthier life.



Get onto a nutrition plan - we cannot stress this enough. It is crucial to your success. The problem with this is that they are HIGHLY individualised. If it’s an option, getting a Dietitian or Nutritionist will aid you in this; however, most of them will tell you to consume more fruits, vegetables and plenty of complex carbohydrates and protein. How much of each will be relevant to your fitness goals. And, as you can guess, it’s best to stay away from junk food and other sources of empty calories.



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3. Watch and manage your vital statistics.

We’re talking about blood sugar, cholesterol, resting heart rate and blood pressure. Many people forget or don’t think about these statistics, and they’re vital to your health, especially with age. Instead of treating, do yourself a favour and start preventing - it’s best to build healthy habits. So, learn to make those appointments to check up on these things. Longevity and health should be everyone’s priority! 

4. Be consistent

In your home gym - or any gym for that matter, create a workout routine designed to achieve your main fitness goal/s. Once you find out what works for you, it will get the best results out of you. As time progresses and so do you, you’ll become more efficient at completing your routine. The more efficient you become, the more you can modify it to better suit your fitness level. The main thing is, consistency is key.

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5. Get more mobile! 

As we age, many of us lose our balance and flexibility. This is a problem because as we age, this puts us in a compromising situation as we’re more prone to muscle tears, broken bones, joint injuries and more. When we think of the gym, mobility and balance usually aren’t what we think of; however, improving both helps you reach new heights in the gym. And it’s imperative - especially with age!


6. Up your immune system

Given the current COVID situation, we’ve heard a lot about this, which is great because it is accurate and should also be a high priority. Build your body up so that it can help you. Exercise plays a role in helping your body’s resistance to several diseases. What’s more, is that various studies have found that physical activity also boosts your immune system! Which means winner-winner, chicken-dinner both now and when you’re older!

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7. Get out of your comfort zone.

While we have advised that you create a workout routine, we also recommend that you get out of your comfort zone every now and then. Do something that makes you a little scared or suspicious and this could be any activity as long as there is exercise involved in it! Or you could even chuck in a run or some weights into your workout routine, just to shake it up a little bit.


8. Be realistic with timeframes to achieve your goals.

Listen, don’t listen to anyone when they tell you Isagenix or whatever the new shake or nut-bar diet is. They are unsustainable. Losing weight, changing your lifestyle, creating healthy habits and relationships with food and exercise takes time. So don’t be discouraged if you’re not 5kgs down in a month. Everyone’s weight loss or gain journey is different. Be reasonable and set reasonable goals and timeframes. And remember one gym day doesn’t create much change; accumulating many of them does.


9. Make your fitness goals specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound

When you’re fitness goal setting, make sure you’re aware of what’s required, and they’re not too ambitious. They should also have a set timetable along with achievable numbers. Creating a goal that can be measured makes it easier to continue to work towards your end-goal. Just remember, if you’re working towards a big goal, break it down and take it on in smaller, more bite-sized goals. This will encourage your progression, hold you accountable and in a timely manner - which is a must-have in a home gym! 


10. Focus more on creating healthy habits rather than results

The central theme of this article is to ensure you can keep home gymming for a long time. SP for us, the number 1 focus is to build healthy relationships all around you! It’s OK to exercise to look a certain way or be a certain weight; however, it will be more beneficial to you to focus on the habits bring you the results. If there’s a role model you’re drawing inspiration from, look at the habits they’ve developed to get where they are now. And, in turn, you will also achieve the same thing!

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Once again, we’ve brought you another lengthy article; however, we did it out of love for you. We want you to be the best you in 2021. As there are so many distractions, it’s easy to get lost in the hype, noise, and politics of it all. So let’s all just refocus and get back to our home gyms!

Happy 2021 goal setting Team!