Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment

ARROW - Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment

Have you heard of our brand ARROW? Well, don’t fret, if you’ve not yet been acquainted, we’ll give you a  rundown! ARROW Fitness equipment is Southern Cross Fitness’ answer to making quality fitness equipment more accessible.


Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment - Southern Cross Fitness


ARROW is a premium fitness equipment range that was developed by Southern Cross Fitness owners, Dan and Steph. Having over 15 years in the fitness industry, the owners discovered over the years of selling many different brands, that when price and quality were considered, one aspect was always sacrificed. The ARROW range was designed to fill this gap in the market, to provide high-quality home gym fitness equipment that was also reasonably priced.


 Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment - Southern Cross Fitness

Southern Cross Fitness and ARROW Owners, Dan (right) and Steph (left)

Designing and Developing

This idea gave way to the ethos of the ARROW brandcreating the best quality equipment that doesn’t break the budget. For Dan and Steph, this was a natural next step. They know what home gym users wanted out of their fitness equipment. Too often they would hear stories where people bought gym equipment and were really disappointed by the quality. So, delivering such products seemed all too simple for Dan and Steph. They had first-hand knowledge of what their customers were after and what motivated them to consistently use the equipment.

When Steph and Dan were developing ARROW, the challenge was ensuring they perfected the balance between price and quality. After many years of developing, testing, visiting factories and exhibitions both in Australia and abroad, Dan and Steph finalised a manufacturer and range they loved and believed in. Years on, the ARROW range continues to receive great reviews and is loved by all its users who are excited to have this gear in their home.

What makes ARROW Special?

We put this question to co-founder and owner, Dan who said:

“ARROW Fitness is the brainchild from many years experience in design and development of fitness equipment for the commercial, corporate and home markets.

ARROW Fitness’ mission is to provide a cost-effective solution while maintaining a reputation for reliability, durability and cutting edge products.

Our manufacturing process maintains the highest international standards with dedicated staff for every process. Every product is individually tested and built to a set standard before being packaged for distribution. Every component is thoroughly examined, ensuring the finished product meets our manufacturing guidelines.

ARROW Fitness moving forward through game-changing innovation.”

Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment - Southern Cross Fitness

A best selling ARROW product - Fabric Resistance Bands

When any ARROW product is created, it is done so with each and every item being tried and tested to ensure the highest quality and usability for each product. And, of course, this is an ever-continuing project to further develop the ARROW brand and add and improve items to our range.

Quality Assurances

Every product is extensively thought out and practicality designed. This means the SCF team has critically analysed every product and redeveloped it with the best function, performance and user in mind. We can confidently say that users of ARROW products can perform their exercises correctly, safely and to the best of their abilities.


ARROW Products

ARROW products are tiered over 3 levels. We have the X3 level, which is the most cost-effective. Next is X6, which is our premium home/light commercial level. Finally, X9, which is our full commercial range which is both highly durable and comfortable.
Every ARROW product, however, has a modern and ergonomic design so, where applicable, our users have:
  1. The best posture and comfort.
  2. The best framing, making our products heavy duty and stable.
  3. The best stitching and upholstery making our products extremely durable.
  4. The best usability, making exercise safe so that exercise can be performed to its full potential.
  5. And, all our products are strictly tried and tested to ensure top quality.

Our ARROW line is responsive to the market. We have our ear to the ground with what our customers love and require. Our existing equipment is constantly being updated with what our users need, and over time we have been able to add new products to the range. Our ability to be agile and ship nation-wide has allowed us to build the ARROW reputation quite quickly. After only a few years in the market, ARROW is already a well known and highly requested Australian brand.
Southern cross fitness

SCF and ARROW Co-owner and Co-founder, Steph using ARROW weight plate and barbell.

Where Will You Find ARROW?

ARROW is exclusively sold through Southern Cross Fitness; however, ARROW X9 is made and sold for commercial gym equipment use. This has an excellent reputation across Australia among fitness facilities, Personal Training studios, physios and allied health facilities.
Despite ARROW X9’s well-known, high end, commercial brand competition, our brand stacks up! After experiencing the quality of our products, our commercial customers request the ARROW again and again. Something we are really proud of!

Our Best Products

Now that you’ve learnt so much about the family, you should probably meet the members! Here are our top 5 best selling home gym products:


Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment - Southern Cross Fitness


2. 100kg ARROW Bumper Plate Package

Southern Cross Fitness



Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment - Southern Cross Fitness



Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment - Southern Cross Fitness


Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment - Southern Cross Fitness


So now you’ve been properly acquainted with ARROW, get shopping and see why everyone loves our brand for their commercial and home gyms!