Why You Need to Add a Punching Bag to Your Home Gym

If you are looking for a great, full-body exercise to add to your home workout, we have something for you to try—boxing! 

Boxing requires stamina, balance, coordination, aerobic endurance and muscle strength. It’s the ultimate all-rounder. Finding one piece of fitness equipment to target all of these focus areas is no easy task; that is exactly why you need to add a punching bag to your home gym.

Why you should try boxing

Punching and doing drills on a dead weight may sound easy, and somewhat repetitive, but there is a lot more to boxing than meets the eye. This is an exercise that will leave no part of your body untouched. Core, upper body, lower body, even your mind—everything is on the line.

That is what makes boxing a great option for a full-body workout routine. With minimal equipment required, you can target major muscle groups for muscle growth and reap the benefits of an effective cardiovascular exercise. 


Need more convincing?

These are our top 4 reasons that boxing is a great addition to your workout routine, regardless of how many days per week you find yourself donning the boxing gloves.

  1. It’s a great combination of physical and mental strength. Boxing is largely a game of strategy, where good technique is the key to success. Like Rocky said, it’s not just about how hard you can hit.
  2. It’s a serious ‘mood improver’. Had a tough day at work? Boxing can effectively help you blow off steam, and even improve your focus, in a productive way.
  3. It’s low impact. This may come as a surprise, but boxing places far less strain on your joints than you would expect. Bonus: it is more taxing on your cardiovascular endurance and muscles than running, meaning you can get fitter faster (from the comfort of your home)
  4. It doesn't require lifting weight or purchasing multiple weight plates. One piece of home gym equipment and you are sorted with a variety of exercises to help build up your skill and endurance.

    Add boxing to your home gym!

    Adding a boxing bag to your home workout is great since it doesn’t have to be part of a complete home gym set-up and can be stored easily if you are tight on space. With a variety of punching bags to cater to a variety of needs, we have narrowed it down to our top four to make sure you are putting your best foot forward!


    1. Standing boxing bag

    No hanging space? No problem. The ARROW® Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag has you covered as all you need is a small section of floor space, and you are ready to put on your training gloves and get swinging!

    2. Spinning speed ball

    Maybe you want to be more target-oriented, so you need to look at the ARROW® Boxing Spinning Speed Ball Target Punching Bag. This piece of boxing equipment gives you three targets you can use to practice your boxing skills—one of these being a sparring bar, the closest you can get to training with a real-life person. With added stability through suction points on the base, this is a luxury piece of equipment when looking to change up your fitness routine. 

    3. Ball punching bag

    The ARROW® Boxing Wrecking Ball Punching Bag, made from durable microfibre leather, is perfect for mimicking and preparing for real-life boxing action. Ducking, weaving and working with a moving target—you can learn to expect the unexpected and build up your mental strategy.

    4. Floor-to-ceiling ball

    Want an exercise to include the whole family? The FUERTE™ Floor to Ceiling Butterfly Ball™ Kit allows you to instantly adjust the ball height to suit both kids and adults, meaning everyone can get in on the fun of a good workout. This almost silent piece of boxing equipment is even perfect for an apartment. Set it up in a door jam, and with three resistance settings, you will always have optimal bag tension.  

    So, put on your boxing gloves and put ‘em up—you have a new full-body workout to try for some serious muscle gains.