Brand Highlight: ARROW Weight Plates to Upgrade your Home Gym

Weight plates are essential equipment if you want to upgrade your home gym set-up. From bench presses to back squats to sumo deadlifts—a variety of exercises benefit from adding these to your home gym workout routine. 
But how do you know what weight plate is best for you? We have done a deep dive into our brand ARROW to answer this exact question! Here is a list of ARROW’s five weight plate options and how they can help your workout regime.  


The 'gold medal-worthy' Olympic weight plate:

If you want a set of durable, classic weight plates, look no further than the ARROW® Commercial Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plate. These plates are manufactured to withstand heavy use, all while complimenting the look of your home gym. And the best part? The tri-grip handles mean you don’t even need an Olympic barbell to get a good workout—so no need to worry about that tricky hook grip. Instead, you can add a level of difficulty to traditional bodyweight exercises like sit-ups and oblique twists. 

ARROW® Commercial Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plate


The 'drop it like its hot' bumper plate:

Get elite with the ARROW® PU Elite Bumper Plate! A popular choice for the more serious lifters, these are great for those times you just can't hold the bar any longer. Made from PolyUrethane, these are great due to the absorption impact these materials allow—perfect for when you want minimal bounce when dropping the barbell after completing a set, especially when pressing the weight overhead.

ARROW® PU Elite Bumper Plate


The 'PB everyday' change plate:

If you are looking to improve your technique, the ARROW® 2.5kg Steel Change Plates are a game changer! Constructed from high-quality materials, these steel plates are a must for anyone that is wanting to add to their weight plate collection. These allow you to add small amounts of weight to the barbell—perfect for if you are pushing through an overhead press plateau or working on a deadlift 1RM! 

ARROW® 2.5kg Steel Change Plates


The 'every place is first place' competition plate:

When you want the best of the best, go for weight plates that are precision made for precision lifting— AKA the ARROW® Competition Bumper Plates. These are some of the best quality bumper plates on the market! Manufactured with strict quality control means that you can be sure these bumper plates will last decades. These are the bumper plates for gym-goers that demand the best—whether in a home gym, CrossFit box or weightlifting set-up. 

ARROW® Competition Bumper Plates


The ‘starter set’ weight plate:

If you are new to the world of weightlifting, you should look into the ARROW® Pro Olympic Bumper Plates. These plates are durable meaning you can focus more on your starting position and the movements of your hips and knees rather than how long the equipment will last. These bumper plates give you all the benefits of the Competition Bumper Plates—without the hefty price tag. Great for a home gym or budding personal trainer. Want to make the most of your order? Consider getting an ARROW® Pro Package to complete the set. 

ARROW® Pro Olympic Bumper Plates

So, whether it is weightlifting, powerlifting, or just having a good time that is your jam—ARROW will have you covered with its range of weight plates to cater to various fitness levels.