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What is Australia’s Best Elliptical Cross Trainer & Why You Should Buy One

The elliptical trainer goes by many names—the elliptical trainer, elliptical cross trainer, cross trainer, cross trainer machine, elliptical machine, even elliptical bike—the list goes on! But if you were to type this in Google or mention it in-store, you’d be shown the same thing; elliptical trainers.   Now, because this machine isn’t as well known as its other cardio counterparts, the treadmill and spin bike—some of you might think: “why would I choose this?”. Honestly, that’s a fair question, so let’s take you through some reasons why one might purchase an elliptical machine.   Why an Elliptical What Makes it so Good Cross trainers exercise the lower and upper body. They offer a full-body workout—hello home workout with a high...

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Essential Fitness Equipment Items: What Every Home Gym Owner Should Have

Being in the fitness equipment industry, we often get people asking us in-store and online about what ‘must have’ fitness equipment items they should have in their home gym.  Now, if you’re working towards a specific fitness goal, you’ll be interested in particular fitness equipment. For instance, let’s say your goal is to improve your strength and mobility. One way is through yoga and/or pilates; with daily, practise you will improve your strength and mobility, and it can be performed in a relatively small space. Another is weight training—this will also improve your strength and mobility; however, a bigger space is required to store your equipment and perform your lifts. For a targeted approach with your training, your purpose and...

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Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment

ARROW - Australia’s Best Home Gym Equipment Have you heard of our brand ARROW? Well, don’t fret, if you’ve not yet been acquainted, we’ll give you a  rundown! ARROW Fitness equipment is Southern Cross Fitness’ answer to making quality fitness equipment more accessible.   History ARROW is a premium fitness equipment range that was developed by Southern Cross Fitness owners, Dan and Steph. Having over 15 years in the fitness industry, the owners discovered over the years of selling many different brands, that when price and quality were considered, one aspect was always sacrificed. The ARROW range was designed to fill this gap in the market, to provide high-quality home gym fitness equipment that was also reasonably priced.   Southern...

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10 tips on how to workout at home during your COVID-19 quarantine

So far, 2020 has brought with it some challenges that absolutely no one saw coming, and for all of us, our lives have changed in some way for the foreseeable future with the Coronavirus pandemic. What does that mean? COVID-19 has brought us indoors.  While usually, the phenomenon of working from home, or having some guilt-free time off has us daydreaming of cups of tea on the couch or an 8-hour reality TV binge, it's fair to say that our current circumstances have our minds caught on bigger picture things.  In the face of such turbulence, it's essential to keep control of what you can and strategise the ways you are going to look after yourself, both mentally and physically. ...

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