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Boxing Shoes / Boots

Do I Need Boxing Shoes / Boots?

If you are a beginner or training for fitness, essentially boxing boots / shoes are not required however there are many advantages to wearing them. If you are taking it to the next level, boxing shoes / boots are one of those items you will have in your bag next to your gloves.

Why Do I Need To Wear Boxing Shoes/ Boots?

Move Faster

Having a flat soul , boxing shoes / Boots allow faster movements in a 12 x 3 minute round.  Moving faster and safely is paramount in a boxing ring or even whilst training. To gain an advantage on your component depends on the quality of gear you use just like Boxing Gloves which are the most important to any boxer. Heavier shoes will fatigue the boxer causing the legs to feel heavier resulting in a slower punch

Light Weight

Boxing Shoes / Boots are a lot lighter than running shoes for the purpose of moving around the boxing ring much quicker . They should feel feather light and very supportive. They are designed to give a competitive edge on your opponent however due to the light weight material they tend to wear quickly. Looking after your shoes will prevent wear and tear at a fast rate.


The quicker the movements around the ring makes any boxer susceptible to ankle rolling. Boxing Boots / Shoes offer full protection which prevents ankle injuries and offers the support needed to complete the Bout. Boxing shoes / Boots should NOT have a supportive arch like athletic shoes.


The sole of Boxing Shoes / Boots are made of lightweight gum rubber which is slightly raised to provide traction whilst still allowing for quick movements.

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