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MORGAN V2 ENDURANCE FOAM LINED Filled XL PUNCH BAG (6ft x 42cm diameter) The Morgan V2 endurance punch bag is the essence of a true heavyweight punch bag, measuring 42cm in diameter and approx 55kg making this one of the widest punch bags available to purchase in Australia....

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Engineered for a boxer-inspired workout without entering the ring, these Water Bags utilize a cutting-edge 3.5mm wall membrane material, providing a nearly lifelike feel when absorbing your punches. Sturdy enough for heavy hitters, feel confident delivering blows on this unit, appreciating its enhanced safety compared...

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MORGAN 5ft NUMBER HANGING PUNCH BAG The Morgan 5ft Platinum Numbered Punch Bag is a high-quality commercially designed punch bag made for high volume usage. Measuring 150cm in height, 35cm in width and weighing approximately 50kg, this punch bag is great for all types of...

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ARROW® Urban Freestanding Punch Bag Unleash your boxing skills with the ARROW® Urban Freestanding Punch Bag – your dynamic, interactive rebound boxing workout station. Perfectly suited for indoor spaces like apartments or garages, this punch bag delivers an engaging and satisfying boxing experience. The heavy-duty...

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