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MORGAN V2 ENDURANCE FOAM LINED Filled XL PUNCH BAG (6ft x 42cm diameter) The Morgan V2 endurance punch bag is the essence of a true heavyweight punch bag, measuring 42cm in diameter and approx 55kg making this one of the widest punch bags available to purchase in Australia....

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WHY CHOOSE THE PUNCHTEX FLOOR TO CEILING BALL WITH STRAPS? The PunchTex Floor to Ceiling Ball kit is a high-quality training tool for Amateur, Professional Boxers and Fitness Enthusiasts alike. The Punchtex floor to ceiling ball has a small, cylindrical target area making this ball great for...

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ARROW® Freestanding Punch Ball The ARROW® Freestanding punch ball is great for commercial and home training, perfect for working on your target ball training techniques. Designed to simulate a floor to ceiling ball, the freestanding unit comprises of flexible construction using high-quality steel shafts for...

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Sting 10inch Pro Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball Elevate your training regimen with the Sting 10-inch Pro Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball. Crafted from premium 'A Grade' leather, this ball is treated for enhanced durability and elasticity, ensuring a longer-lasting performance. Its heavy-duty elasticised cable...

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The ultimate, rapid-action, free-standing Cobra Bag has arrived!Punch Equipment®’s King Cobra™ Boxing Bag is here to take your boxing to the next level!This Reflex Boxing Bag is the perfect addition to your home or boxing gym,This commercial-grade reflex bag is built for beginners to professional...

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Morgan XL 3ft Nugget Punch Bag The Morgan XL Nugget Punch Bag is a compact punch bag measuring at 100cm in height and 35cm in width, making it ideal for focused punching workouts. It features durable 850D ripstop vinyl construction, four nylon hanging straps with...

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  MORGAN 5ft NUMBER HANGING PUNCH BAG The Morgan 5ft Platinum Numbered Punch Bag is a high-quality commercially designed punch bag made for high volume usage. Measuring 150cm in height, 35cm in width and weighing approximately 50kg, this punch bag is great for all types...

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Punch Trophy Getters® Speed Ball Choose the Punch Trophy Getters® Speed Ball for a commercial-grade quality speed ball that's perfect for boxing fitness and cardio workouts. Improve your boxing skills, including hand-eye coordination, timing, and hand speed, with this 10" speed ball made from durable...

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Morgan Wrecking Ball Punch Bag The Morgan Wrecking Ball punching bag is crafted with high-quality 900D ripstop vinyl and filled with premium cotton and fleece, this punching bag offers a dense impact zone and even weight distribution for a satisfying and balanced swing. With its...

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Engineered for a boxer-inspired workout without entering the ring, these Water Bags utilize a cutting-edge 3.5mm wall membrane material, providing a nearly lifelike feel when absorbing your punches. Sturdy enough for heavy hitters, feel confident delivering blows on this unit, appreciating its enhanced safety compared...

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Sting 10inch Pro Leather Speedball Only Experience the ultimate in speed and precision with the Sting 10-inch Pro Leather Speedball. Crafted from top-quality 'A Grade' leather, this speedball is treated to ensure long-lasting durability and elasticity. Its slimline design guarantees high-speed performance and straight-line consistency,...

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ARROW® Urban Freestanding Punch Bag Unleash your boxing skills with the ARROW® Urban Freestanding Punch Bag – your dynamic, interactive rebound boxing workout station. Perfectly suited for indoor spaces like apartments or garages, this punch bag delivers an engaging and satisfying boxing experience. The heavy-duty...

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