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WHY CHOOSE THE PUNCHTEX FLOOR TO CEILING BALL WITH STRAPS? The PunchTex Floor to Ceiling Ball kit is a high-quality training tool for Amateur, Professional Boxers and Fitness Enthusiasts alike. The Punchtex floor to ceiling ball has a small, cylindrical target area making this ball great for...

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Sting 10inch Pro Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball Elevate your training regimen with the Sting 10-inch Pro Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball. Crafted from premium 'A Grade' leather, this ball is treated for enhanced durability and elasticity, ensuring a longer-lasting performance. Its heavy-duty elasticised cable...

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Punch Floor To Ceiling Ball Anchor The Floor to Ceiling Ball Anchor is designed for all of our Floor to Ceiling Balls. The Floor to Ceiling Ball Anchor is the perfect choice for all Floor to Ceiling Balls, offering easy installation and maximum stability during workouts....

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