The Best Smart Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym in 2023

The Best Smart Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym in 2023

If you're setting up a home gym but worry about the absence of guidance during workouts, smart fitness machines are a great option. These machines typically feature a display screen and leverage the internet to deliver customised workout plans and monitor progress, elevating your workout experience.


Check out the five smart fitness machines below that you can’t go without.


1. Smart Treadmill

The NordicTrack EXP14i Treadmill is the perfect home exercise equipment machine for runners looking to improve their stamina, lower their resting heart rate, and strengthen their leg muscles. Its heart rate zone monitoring automatically adjusts the pace and slope, keeping you working in your ideal heart rate zone.

NordicTrack EXP14i Treadmill

But this isn't just a normal run-of-the-mill treadmill. This is a smart treadmill. Its HD touchscreen gives you access to thousands of classes and workouts.


You can say goodbye to the boredom that you may face on a typical treadmill and hello to a new world of entertaining and challenging workout classes with this gym machine.

2. Smart Incline Trainer

Incline trainers provide an amazing lower body workout, letting you target any leg muscles you choose.


The NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer makes use of cutting-edge technology, letting you stream workout sessions right in front of you on the machine itself. The class will control your machine’s incline and speed, giving you a home workout as you’ve never felt before.

NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer

3. Smart Upright Bike

There are so many different bike options that you can choose from, but the Vision U600E Upright Bike is one favourite. Getting a smart upright bike allows you to ride in comfort.

Vision U600E Upright Bike

Choose from a variety of fitness classes or pedal while you watch one of your favourite shows! You can even use your own workout apps for a program.


4. Smart Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent bikes offer a challenging low-impact workout. The Nautilus R626 Recumbent Exercise Bike ensures comfort while also giving you many workout class options, 25 levels of resistance, and extensive tracking information all in one place.

Nautilus R626 Recumbent Exercise Bike

There is no need to get a personal trainer when you have all of these options!

5. Smart Elliptical Cross Trainer

Elliptical cross trainers put very little stress on your joints while burning a ton of calories, boosting your stamina, and providing a full-body workout.


The Nautilus E626 Elliptical Cross Trainer lets you set and track goals whether your goal is workout duration, distance, or calories. It also includes 29 different programs to keep your workouts interesting!

Nautilus E626 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Build the Perfect Home Gym for You

With these five pieces of workout equipment, you can achieve your desired physical results from the comfort of your own home! Say goodbye to unnecessary fees, long lines, and restricted hours and take control of your fitness journey in your own home gym.