Looking for a Healthy and Longer Life?

Have you been on that same bodyweight-only regime for a few months and it’s starting to lose impact? It sounds like it’s time to mix it up and add some new equipment into your workouts.

There are many health benefits to be gained from broadening your work out opportunities by including different equipment. The use of gym gear not only allows you to strengthen your muscles and prevent injury but has longer-term benefits for healthy aging. But don’t worry, you don’t need to throw all your cash at a turbo-charged gym to achieve results. There are many options to ease your way into a multidisciplinary regime that will improve your potential for a healthy and longer life.

Diversifying your exercise regime with varied equipment opens up the door to engage muscles in an untapped way. With incremental increases in weights, rather than relying on your bodyweight, your gateway to increased strength and flexibility opens up, in turn decreasing your chance of injury.


If you are a first-timer to lifting weights, we have the perfect sets to get you started here. Remember to take it slow and start light, and don’t forget to get a weight rack to maintain order in your space—we promise, you’ll be grateful you did it! 


Dumbbell RackA crisp Saturday morning run gets our endorphins going just as much as the next person, but when the weather is keeping those doors closed tight, we love knowing that those much needed cardio endorphins still have an option to escape.

Cardio increases the flow of blood to the brain, decreases anxiety and depression, and studies have shown the excellent benefits of cardio on focus, memory and learning. Having the opportunity to row, run or cycle without having to leave your home allows you to reap these benefits without anything holding you back. 

Don’t have direct access to a rowboat and a river? Neither do we. But we do have a fantastic sale happening on our Proform 750R Rower right now, fully equipped with an interactive training coach and designed to fit into any home space. It also comes with a free 12 month IFIT subscription. Motivation and convenience sorted.

 Having an array of gym equipment at the ready means fewer time constraints imposed by the gym. We get that factoring in a workout into your already busy day, plus the 20-minute drive to the gym and back, can feel constraining and stressful. By investing in some essential, multi-use equipment, you’ll be able to open up your opportunities to exercise without it taking up too much space.

Finding your groove and getting into a diverse exercise regime takes commitment and motivation, but the long-term rewards for your physical and mental health are indisputable. Giving yourself to work out in the comfort of your home provides a little opening for excuses, and can lead to a full and healthy lifestyle.

If you are ready to give yourself that extra helping hand, we are ready and waiting to help you on your journey. Visit us in-store or chat with us online to get you equipped to reap the benefits!