Gym Source in the News: How to Create a Home Exercise Space

Gym Source in the News: How to Create a Home Exercise Space

A home exercise room can be a sanctuary space, and Jana Soeldner Danger with the Miami Herald contacted our Gym Source equipment experts for the top tips to make your home fitness space appealing, practical, and convenient.


Our fitness specialists’ top tips to create the best home gym include:

– Identify the space

Will the home gym be in a garage or spare bedroom? Will it be restricted to a limited part of a room that is used for other functions?

– Create a budget and do research

This is where Gym Source can act as your long-term fitness partner. Our local fitness equipment showrooms allow you to test, touch, and try equipment before you buy. We work to understand your budget, goals, and available space before we make any recommendations. Then, we walk you through our showrooms and demonstrate each piece of fitness equipment and allow you to test it out.

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– Consider flooring

At Gym Source, we recommend building your fitness space from the ground up, and gym flooring is an often overlooked, but important piece of the puzzle. There are a number of types of flooring available including rubber, wood, laminate, cork, and foam. Of these, the most popular seller by far is rubber gym flooring.

We can help you find the right kind for your specific home gym space.

– Consider your electrical requirements

Because some machines require dedicated power, it’s important you take your power source into consideration prior to purchasing equipment – in case any adjustments need to be accounted for.

– Choosing your fitness equipment

Nigel Anderson, local equipment expert at the NYC showroom shares his top tips to finding the best fitness equipment for your home gym:

Go to your favorite facility and think about what you’d use first, second and third, because the best things to get are what you like to use. Take time to try out equipment before buying it, because not every machine is right for every person. Get on each piece of equipment and be sure it’s comfortable. It’s like a taste test or buying a pair of shoes. You can spend on minute at five or six miles an hour on a treadmill and you’ll know if you like it or if you’re not crazy about it. With an elliptical, you can tell even faster. With a treadmill it’s your movement; with an elliptical you’re following the movement of the machine.


– Consider ceiling heights

It’s important to consider access from the front door, all the way to where the equipment will go. Some pieces don’t come apart. Will you be able to get it inside? Will it fit? You want to optimize the space but not take up every inch of it.

Now that you know what to consider when considering a fitness purchase, it’s time to get started.

Our equipment experts act as your personal fitness equipment matchmaker. We are your sole point of contact from the start of your project through the end. We will help make purchasing equipment solutions simple. Building the right fitness solution does not need to feel overwhelming.

Ready to get started?

Visit your local Gym Source fitness equipment showroom, or browse our wide selection of home fitness equipment.

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