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Boxing MMA Jiu-Jitsu Combat Grappling Dummy Take your combat training to the next level with the Boxing MMA Jiu-Jitsu Combat Grappling Dummy. Built with premium upholstery and reinforced stitching, this dummy is designed to endure heavy use and intense training sessions. Whether you're practicing grappling...

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Morgan Wrecking Ball Punch Bag The Morgan Wrecking Ball punching bag is crafted with high-quality 900D ripstop vinyl and filled with premium cotton and fleece, this punching bag offers a dense impact zone and even weight distribution for a satisfying and balanced swing. With its...

ARROW® Two Station Heavy Bag Stand The ARROW® Two Station Boxing Bag Stand utilises a heavy duty frame with a bag stand on the front and a speed ball/ floor to ceiling station on the back. The ARROW® Two Station Boxing Bag Stand will enhance your...

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The ultimate, rapid-action, free-standing Cobra Bag has arrived!Punch Equipment®’s King Cobra™ Boxing Bag is here to take your boxing to the next level!This Reflex Boxing Bag is the perfect addition to your home or boxing gym,This commercial-grade reflex bag is built for beginners to professional...

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ARROW® Urban Freestanding Punch Bag Unleash your boxing skills with the ARROW® Urban Freestanding Punch Bag – your dynamic, interactive rebound boxing workout station. Perfectly suited for indoor spaces like apartments or garages, this punch bag delivers an engaging and satisfying boxing experience. The heavy-duty...

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Engineered for a boxer-inspired workout without entering the ring, these Water Bags utilize a cutting-edge 3.5mm wall membrane material, providing a nearly lifelike feel when absorbing your punches. Sturdy enough for heavy hitters, feel confident delivering blows on this unit, appreciating its enhanced safety compared...

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