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Best Indoor Exercise Bikes for Home Workouts in Australia

There are four significant indoor bikes that you should know about: air bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, upright exercise bikes, and spin bikes. Each bike’s focus and objective are different, so we’ll go through these various types to better inform you. These are the best Indoor Exercise Bikes for Home Workouts.

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The best 30-minute workout to keep fitness and strength up for the time-poor

Let's face it, sometimes committing to an hour-long workout is not always possible in the lives of us busy-bees. Lucky for us, when we have to battle those time restraints, we have plenty of options for a quick but impactful workout. Thought you had an excuse to get out of your workout, didn't you? Keep dreaming, squad!  We've put together the best 30-minute workout that will allow you to enjoy all of those glorious exercise-induced endorphins while increasing your muscle strength and cardio capacity. For this workout, we've broken it down into legs, core and chest, but note that across your weekly exercise regime, you should be engaging all muscle groups evenly. You'll only need some basic home gym equipment...

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