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BODYWORX DUO DUAL PURPOSE BIKE The BodyWorx Dual Purpose Bike is a versatile exercise tool designed to be used for both your arms and legs, making it ideal for individuals who spend extended periods behind a computer. Whether you prefer to work at a desk...

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ARROW® Urban 1.0 Upright Bike Introducing the ARROW® Urban 1.0 Upright Bike - your gateway to a seamless and invigorating workout experience. Designed with precision and equipped with advanced features, this upright bike is your perfect companion on the journey to fitness. Whether you're a...

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Proform City L6 Treadmill The Proform City L6 Treadmill is a reliable in-home workout machine with a 45 cm x 120 cm deck size and 1.6 CHP drive system that can help you achieve your fitness goals. It features a 5" high contrast white display,...

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Proform® Carbon CX Spin Bike   The ProForm Carbon CX Fitness Bike is a top choice for those seeking a new exercise bike. It caters to cyclists of all levels, providing a challenging workout experience to help you meet your fitness goals. Here are the...

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Schwinn 590U Light Commercial Upright Exercise Bike  Experience comfortable and effective cardio workouts with the Schwinn 590U Light Commercial Upright Exercise Bike. Its step-through design allows easy access, and the adjustable foam comfort seat and handlebars ensure a personalized fit. With 25 levels of magnetic...

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Schwinn AD6 Air Airdyne Bike Elevate your cardio workouts with the Schwinn AD6 Air Airdyne Bike, designed for intense full-body training that builds strength and burns calories. Featuring wind-resistance technology, this bike allows you to control the intensity of your workout by adjusting your effort....

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 ARROW® Studio Ski Machine Develop your strength and endurance with the ARROW® Studio Commercial Ski Machine. The concept of a Ski Machine is to stimulate the movement of cross-country skiing in your home or gym. The low-impact movement is ideal for anyone with low body...

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Schwinn 700IC Indoor Cycling Spin Bike The Schwinn® 700IC is a low impact, cardio-kicking indoor cycling bike designed with the serious cyclist in mind. When harsh weather or a crazy schedule drives your workout inside, just hop on the 700IC for a high-energy, low-impact training...

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ARROW® Studio Commercial Air Rower   Introducing the ARROW® Studio Commercial Air Rower, the ultimate cardio machine for your home gym or commercial studio. Experience high-intensity, low-impact workouts that boost stamina, enhance overall fitness and build strength. With its backlit console displaying essential metrics, 9...

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Schwinn 430 Elliptical The Schwinn 430 Elliptical brings you a smooth, comfortable workout experience that increases cardio and muscle strength. With its sleek, streamlined console, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical makes it easy to track your data and monitor your impressive results.  Product Features 20 Levels of...

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ARROW® Studio Air Spin Bike   Introducing the ARROW® Studio Air Spin Bike, a top-of-the-line indoor cycling bike designed to elevate your cardio workouts. With its LCD console and interval-based training feedback, you can track your progress and optimise your training sessions. The bike features...

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ARROW Urban 1.0 Treadmill Introducing the Arrow Urban 1.0 Treadmill - a harmonious fusion of functionality and convenience that elevates your fitness experience. Featuring a robust 1.75HP DC motor, a speed range of 1-16km/h, and 12 levels of motor incline, this treadmill delivers versatile training...

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