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ARROW Commercial Monster FID Weight Bench Product Features: Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and stability during workouts Adjustable backrest with five height settings, allowing for various angles from decline to incline Superior High density foam and upholstery Three seat angle options provide versatility for different exercises...

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Cross X100 Home Gym PRE- ORDER April Elevate your home gym experience with the Cross X Series All-in-One Multi-Station, equipped with a 72KG weight stack for versatile workouts in a compact space. Perform a range of exercises, including Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Arm Curls, Tricep...

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Cross X300 Multi Station Home Gym With Leg Press & Squat Press We have created a home gym with the 3 most used stations including a leg press, Standing Squat & Chest press / Lat pull-down station. Elevate your home gym experience with the Cross...

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  Cross X 500 Plus Multi-Station Home Gym Best Gym under $3000 in the Australian Market Utilising a 72KG weight stack, this is the Cross X500Plus Multi-Station Home Gym Series all-in-one multi-station saving you time and space at home. Product Features 1 x Leg Press...

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  ARROW® X6 Commercial Cable Pulley Gym 1:1 Ratio Experience unparalleled versatility with the ARROW® X6 Commercial Cable Pulley Gym with 1:1 ratio and a high lat pulldown option for maximum range of movement. This free-standing or attachment to the X6 racks series apparatus redefines...

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The ARROW Monster Commercial Preacher Curl Bench  is a compact and sturdy bench designed to target and isolate the biceps effectively. It provides a comfortable and secure platform for performing preacher curls using dumbbells or barbells. With its durable construction and a maximum user weight...

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ARROW® Platinum Series - Squat Machine The ARROW® Platinum Commercial Gym Series offers a complete range of dual and single function pin-loaded functional pieces to fit out your commercial gym. Also, refer to the ARROW® Commercial Platinum Plate loaded series and the Commercial X9 free...

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ARROW® Commercial Complete Multi Gym PRE ORDER DUE Early/ Mid Feb 2024 Introducing the ARROW® Complete Functional Training Multi Gym 2.0 and 1.0: Your Ultimate Workout Solution We designed this multi-gym to include all the major functions as compactly as possible whilst being competitive. This...

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ARROW® Dual Bumper Weight Plate & Barbell Rack  Introducing the ARROW® Dual Bumper Weight Plate & Barbell Rack, a space-saving powerhouse designed for optimal organisation in your gym. This dual-purpose rack features two tiers for Bumper Plates and accommodates four Barbells with a unique vertical...

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ARROW® MX Multi Gym Series Adjustable Pulley Machine The ARROW® MX Multi Gym Series Adjustable Pulley Machine. Is a compact trainer offering unlimited cable exercise potential, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises for various muscle groups. With its commercial-grade materials and solid construction, including...

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ARROW® MX Multi Gym Series Leg Curl Leg Extension Machine The ARROW® MX Multi Gym Series Leg Curl Leg Extension Machine features a 6-position adjustable leg hold down to accommodate users of various sizes. Multi-position back pad and bio-mechanical seat. The ARROW® MX Leg Curl Leg Extension provides...

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ARROW® MX Multi Gym Series Leg Press Machine The ARROW® MX Multi Gym Series Leg Press Machine features a 6-position ergonomic seat carriage. Custom convex footplate which provides a neutral platform for ankle and knee alignment. A 2:1 ratio effectively taking the stack from 200lbs to 400lbs  The ARROW®...

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