Core Training Essentials


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ARROW® AB WHEEL The ARROW® Ab Wheel, an essential tool for strengthening your core and sculpting your abdominal muscles. The ab wheel features a steel rod handle for stability and strength, along with moulded plastic wheels for smooth and controlled movements. The dual wheel centre...

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ARROW® Landmine Core Trainer Handle The ARROW® Landmine Core Trainer Handle is a must-have accessory for adding versatility to your workouts. With its wide grip, it effectively activates the upper back during barbell rows, while also providing opportunities for challenging shoulder and core exercises through...

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ARROW® X6 Landmine Attachment The ARROW® X6 Jammer Arm is a sturdy and versatile attachment designed to fit the X6 series racks, including the Power Cage, Assault Half Rack, Commercial Half Rack, and Foldable Half Rack. With its 3mm thickness steel construction and 20mm pin,...

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ARROW® Parallel Landmine Handle The ARROW® Parallel Landmine Handles, the perfect addition to your landmine training arsenal. These handles can be used with the ARROW® Landmine Core Trainer Handle or the ARROW® Extreme Core Landmine Trainer, offering versatile grip options with their triangular, row-handle-inspired shape....

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ARROW® Extreme Core Trainer  The ARROW® Extreme Core Trainer  is a fantastic addition to your gym, with a wide range of fitness and workout options. You can use the system to improve shoulder stability, increase core and upper body strength and mobility as well as develop overall...

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ARROW® Rope Trainer The ARROW® Rope Trainer, the ultimate tool for resistance weight training, intense cardio workouts, and core strength and fitness exercises. With 6 levels of resistance, this versatile trainer is popular among personal trainers and gym owners for its ability to add a...

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