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Factory Seconds ARROW® Commercial Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plate (Old Style) DEFECTS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO; Yellow coloring of rubber and faded black Some marks and can have cuts in the rubber Fully functioning weight plates Packages damaged   Manufactured to withstand heavy...

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ARROW® PRO Olympic Bumper Weight Plates  Designed to be extremely durable and stand up to the rigorous use of commercial facilities. The ARROW® Pro Olympic 5kg plates are designed to be stronger and thicker than a lot of other 5kg plates meaning they will last...

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Hammertone Standard Weight Plate Experience the nostalgia of old-school gym training with HAMMERTONE STANDARD WEIGHT PLATES. These classic and durable plates are designed for daily use and are built to withstand tough workouts. Available in a range of sizes, each plate features handles on heavier...

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ARROW® Olympic EZY Curl Bar  Enhance your bicep and forearm workouts with the ARROW® Olympic EZY Curl Bar. This ergonomically designed barbell promotes proper form and wrist positioning during curl movements, reducing the risk of strain or injury. Whether you're using it at home or in...

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ARROW® Commercial Rubber Coated Weight Plates (New Style) The ARROW® Commercial Rubber Coated Weight Plates (New Style), the perfect choice for weightlifting and barbell workouts in both home and commercial gyms. These weight plates are designed to withstand heavy use and provide durability and longevity....

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ARROW® X3 Foldable Flat Weight Bench The ARROW® X3 Foldable Flat Weight Bench is a premium flat bench that is a part of the ARROW® X Series Fitness Range supplied exclusively by Southern Cross Fitness.  This bench is designed to fit perfectly in the home...

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ARROW® 6FT Olympic Hex Trap Bar The ARROW® 6FT Olympic Hex Trap Bar is a bar that is designed to surround the lifter within a HEX frame to allow for the handles of the bar to be placed at the sides of the lifter. This...

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Adjustable Standard Dumbbell Set 20kgs The Adjustable Standard Dumbbell Set offers a versatile and convenient solution for strength training. With a total weight of 20kg, the set includes 8 solid hammertone weight plates, 2 chrome screw bars and 4 spinlock collars. The cast iron construction...

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ARROW® 700lb Black Zinc Crossfit Olympic Bar 20kgs The ARROW® 700 Black Zinc offers the best bang for your buck on Men's 20KG Olympic Barbell! These olympic barbells feature a black oxide shaft with a hard chrome ribbed sleeve. Product Specifications: Superior Spin: Banded collar...

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ARROW® PU (PolyUrethane) Elite Bumper Plates What makes ARROW® PU (polyurethane) weight plates Elite? ARROW® Commercial-grade Elite weight plates are built to withstand punishment in a busy commercial facility. A popular choice for serious lifters as the PU Olympic plates absorption impact and create minimal bounce...

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ARROW® 2.5kg Training Bar This is for a Pre-Order ETA August Introducing the ARROW 2.5kg Training bar, used for beginners in training, or rehab clients, perfect to allow for technique training.  2.5kg Technique Bar Weight Capacity 200lbs Fits Olympic Weights 4 month warranty

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ARROW® X3 Flat Bench The ARROW® X3 Flat Bench is designed to fit perfectly in your home gym. Using top quality upholstery and stitching as well as high-quality steel framing, the ARROW® X3 Flat Bench is light commercial quality at a home use price point.  Product Features: Durable Upholstery ...

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20kg ARROW® Pump Barbell Set The 20kg ARROW® Pump Barbell Set offers a high-quality, one-piece barbell with colour-coded round rubber weight plates, making it ideal for resistance training at home. With its commercial-grade construction and included accessories, such as spring collars, this set is perfect...

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ARROW Landmine Core Trainer T Bar Row Introducing the Landmine T Bar Row ARROW® Landmine Core Trainer / T Bar Row– your gym's ultimate powerhouse for total body transformation! Elevate your fitness routine with this versatile system designed to unlock a multitude of workout possibilities....

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ARROW® X9 HD Home FID Bench  This is for a Pre-Order for July The ARROW® X9 Home FID Bench offers top-notch quality with high-density memory foam leather padding, providing durability and comfort for all your weight training sessions. It's designed and made in the same...

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ARROW® X9 Adjustable Roman Chair/45 Degree Hyper Extension The ARROW® X9 Adjustable Roman Chair/45 Degree Hyper Extension offers a versatile and heavy-duty solution for your core and back training needs. With the ability to switch between a 90-degree roman chair and a 45-degree hyper extension,...

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ARROW® Elite 20kg Olympic Black Chrome Barbell 7FT 1800lb (816kgs) Rated Introducing the ARROW® Elite 20kg Olympic Hard Chrome Barbell, the perfect choice for Crossfit and Powerlifting enthusiasts. Designed with the customer in mind, this barbell combines stunning aesthetics with exceptional performance. Made from high...

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ARROW® X9 Commercial Adjustable Bench The ARROW® X9 Adjustable Bench is a premium addition to the ARROW® X9 Series Commercial Fitness Range, built with heavy-duty materials for superior durability and performance. Its high-density foam cushion padding and ergonomic design provide maximum comfort during workouts, making...

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ARROW® Mini Bumper Change Plates  Enhance your strength training with the ARROW® Mini Bumper Change Plates, a testament to attention to detail and performance optimisation. Whether striving for micro-loading, personal records, or custom weight selection, these plates deliver incremental increases from 0.5KG to 2.5KG, enabling...

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ARROW® Competition Bumper Plates The ARROW® Competition Bumper Plates are indicative of ARROW®'s quality and performance. Precision made for precision lifting, these are for those that simply want the best.  Differences Between Pro Bumpers and Competition Bumpers What's the difference between ARROW® Pro Bumper Plates...

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ARROW® Black Zinc Olympic Safety Squat Barbell The cambered design of this barbell is uniquely suited for those seeking a comfortable and safe lifting experience. With a padded section that hugs the neck and two handles that extend over the shoulders, the user can support...

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ARROW® Landmine Core Trainer Handle The ARROW® Landmine Core Trainer Handle is a must-have accessory for adding versatility to your workouts. With its wide grip, it effectively activates the upper back during barbell rows, while also providing opportunities for challenging shoulder and core exercises through...

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ARROW® 5kg Steel Change Plates - PAIR Change plates are a must have item for all weightlifters. Change plates allow for a small increase of weight on the barbell, perfect for pushing through a plateau or when you are working on your 1RM.  The change...

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  Marcy JD-3 Roman Chair Hyper Extension Bench Only 2 left and then they are discontinued. Get in before they are gone.  Sturdy, convenient and effective, the Marcy JD-3 Roman Chair and Hyper Extension Bench is the epitome of core-strengthening home gym equipment. This easy-to-assemble,...

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